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What are Earmolds?

Whether you are wearing a hearing aid, or you are using hearing protection for a job you will want the perfect fit. You will want to get an earmold to make sure that these devices are the right fit for your ears. There are multiple common earmolds, which are available in a variety of colors and types of plastic depending upon your personal preference, the shape and texture of your ear, and your specific hearing instrument.

Earmolds must fit your ear, much like your eyeglasses have to fit your face, otherwise, they become uncomfortable and ineffective. It’s important for them to be tight enough to prevent sound from leaking out and creating feedback but not so tight they cause pain. That’s why World of Hearing will make a cast of your ear to make sure we get you the right fit. This ear impression will ensure that your earpiece will function properly and fit your uniquely shaped ears.

Common Problems

Although World of Hearing will work with the ear impression we used to cast your new earmolds, there may be some adjustments made to make sure that device and the earmold function properly. If you suffer from any sort of discomfort, please be sure to let us know so that we can make these adjustments. Below are some of the common problems that users encounter after their earmold is created.

Muffled Voices

Occlusion Effect is when your own voice becomes muffled when using your hearing device. This can be corrected wit reshaping and trimming of the earmold. It may sound like you have a bad cold or that your ears are clogged.

Loud Noises

If you are suffering from this problem, then the general fix is that your earmold needs a larger vent.


Whistling can take place if you earmold is moving constantly due to jaw shape and use. If your earmold is constantly moving, we can place a “canal lock” which will hold it more in place and make it more comfortable through day-to-day use.


If the vent is too large, you can experience feedback in the ear. We will reduce the size to help prevent this annoyance from occurring

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