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Meet Our Staff

Dr. Marifran Ramaglia

Dr. Marifran Ramaglia

Dr. Marifran Ramaglia is the owner and audiologist at World of Hearing. She first received her MS in Audiology from The University of South Florida in 1992 and went on to receive her Doctorate of Audiology in 2005 from the University of Florida. Dr. Marifran has worked as a clinical audiologist since 1994, in which she provides comprehensive diagnostic audiology services. She has also served as an educational audiologist, with over 20 years of audiological experience in several settings, including hospital work, ENT clinics and private practice. Her experience has allowed her to work with a variety of patient populations. Dr. Marifran has founded World of Hearing in order to continue the close relationships she has with her patients and helping those with hearing loss hear their loved ones and the world around them.

Newborn Hearing Director: Memorial Healthcare
Owner: Advanced AuDiology
Owner: World of Hearing
Licensed by the State of Florida, F-AAA
American Academy of Audiology, CCC-A

Dr. Gabrielle Doobrow

Doctor of Audiology, University of Tennessee Health Science Center, 2021
MS in Audiology, University of Tennessee Health Science Center, 2019
BS in Communication Sciences & Disorders, University of Florida, 2017

Licensed by the State of Florida
American Academy of Audiology
American Speech, Language and Hearing Assoc.

American Academy of Audiology
American Speech, Language and Hearing Assoc.

Dr. Gabrielle Doobrow, or Dr. Gabi as her patients call her, is a certified and licensed Doctor of Audiology. She is an accredited member of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. Dr. Gabi earned her Doctorate in Audiology (Au.D.) and master's degree from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Knoxville, TN. Her bachelor's degree in Public Health and Health professions was earned at the University of Florida, with a focus on Communications, Sciences, and Disorders. She has been working in audiology clinics since the start of her doctorate program in 2017. In addition, Dr. Gabi thoroughly enjoys working with her patients and their family members to improve their ability to communicate effectively and improve their quality of life.

Hearing Services in Hallandale Beach, FL