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Wide Selection of Hearing Aids from World of Hearing

Free Hearing Screening

Our doctors have cultivated many years in the practice of helping others with their hearing problems. We have dedicated our lives to assure that we will plan out and complete the best hearing solutions for our patients. We will work with you from the initial hearing evaluation to getting fitted for your new hearing aid or earpiece. The audiologists at World of Hearing will make sure that your hearing treatments are affordable, and the equipment is personalized for your exact needs. We help build these devices to fit your ear exactly, so you are comfortable with the equipment needed for your treatment. We also offer repairs on any hearing equipment we sell and make sure we get them back to working properly.

Our Products

World of Hearing works with the hearing aid industry’s leading providers for hearing improvement devices.

Widex hearing aids

Widex hearing aids don’t just sound spectacular. They look spectacular too. Combining technology with functionality and aesthetics is a typical attribute of the Widex design. Of course, for Widex good design doesn’t just apply to the outside of our hearing aids but the inside as well. From the drawing board to the finished article, every aspect of a Widex hearing aid is designed to work, perform and sound as close to perfect as possible. The quality of your listening experience evolves in real time and real life. Your EVOKE keeps learning from you as you use it, so you hear sound perfectly. The world’s first truly smart hearing aid. It intuitively helps you hear well today. Tomorrow? You can hear even better. It’s a paradigm shift, evoked by Widex. And you.

ReSound hearing devices

Creating the first Made-for-iPhone hearing aid, ReSound is the leader in connectivity. The newest product they offer is the ReSound LiNX Quattro™, which is beyond compare with richer sound quality, longer battery life, an unrivaled full spectrum of streaming, support and personalization with ReSound Assist, and the world’s most advanced rechargeable solution - all in one product. With improved clarity, access to more sounds, and with a stronger signal between your hearing aids, your favorite environments become richer with ReSound LiNX Quattro. Right down to the finer details, ReSound LiNX Quattro offers you a brilliant experience with layers of sound - and inspires confidence in the moments that matter most. ReSound offers products for all hearing losses and budgets.

Signia hearing devices

Meet the new Styletto from Signia, the device that offers both form and function. Styletto looks like nothing you have ever seen before. This new, innovative device offers the most advanced technology in a slim design that is comfortable, stylish and comes in three modern colors. It helps you hear sounds the way nature intended and your own voice will sound clear thanks to the groundbreaking Own Voice Processing (OVP™) technology. Styletto also comes with a portable charger that is small enough to fit neatly in your pocket or purse. You can charge it at home or take the charger with you, and it’s good for three charging cycles so you can enjoy your long weekend worry-free. With a wide range of hearing aid styles and price points, Signia has an option for everyone.

Oticon hearing devices

We’re pleased to introduce you to Oticon Opn™, a revolutionary new hearing device that will make a tremendous difference in how you hear and how you participate in life. With Oticon Opn, you’ll enjoy 30% better speech understanding, reduce your listening effort by 20% and remember 20% more of your conversations! How is that possible? Exceptionally fast sound processing and Oticon’s exclusive BrainHearing™ technology means you won’t have to work as hard to hear - you’ll feel less stress and are more likely to join in conversations. This small, discreet hearing aid separates speech from noise so you can shift focus from one speaker to another, even in challenging listening environments. And Opn offers much more. Opn is rechargeable for convenient overnight charging. Ask about the Opn today!

Starkey hearing devices

Starkey Hearing Technologies is a world leader in the design, development and distribution of comprehensive hearing solutions. They believe in using superior hearing technology as a means to something even greater — creating meaningful connections between people and their worlds.
Built on their most powerful and efficient platform — the Thrive platform, Livio AI is the world’s first hearing aid to provide both superior sound quality and the ability for patients to track their brain and body health. As the first-ever hearing aid to feature integrated sensors and artificial intelligence, Livio AI is a multi-purpose device that redefines what a hearing aid can do. Starkey also has options for custom and rechargeable devices.

Phonak hearing devices

Phonak is committed to understanding the challenges faced by people who live with hearing loss and to improve the quality of their lives. They measure their success by the positive impact their technologies have on the ability to communicate and enjoy life’s rich soundscapes. This is what truly inspires and motivates them. From the rechargeable Audeo B-R, the direct to phone Audeo Direct or the discreet Titanium, Phonak is able to cover a wide range of hearing losses and needs of the patient.

These are some of the most groundbreaking devices in the industry. Many are actually compatible with your iPhone and can assist with tracking of your brain and body health. While older models can be big and clunky, these new age models are all designed with sleekness in mind. Visit us today to check out these devices and get scheduled for a hearing assessment.

Hearing Services in Hallandale Beach, FL